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por ALEX MATTA (2018-09-23)

A lot is being said about natural pet remedies these days. People say that these remedies prevent a wide range of health problems in pets, they are safe to consume, and they cause no side effects. Is this true? Are natural remedies so powerful? Are they good for pets irrespective of their age or health condition? Let us try to find the answers to these questions.

Natural remedies for pets

There are many health claims being made about the positive impact a high quality natural remedy can have on your pet's health. Unfortunately, modern medicine is just starting to understand the positive (and sometimes negative) impact these types of supplements can have. Lost Book Of Remedies If the homeopathic veterinarian's are correct, then remedies can help to boost your pet's immune system, improve the functioning of its vital organs, cleanse its system, improve its metabolism, and reduce the risks of a number of health problems. The important thing you need to remember is that what I said applies only to 'high quality' natural remedies that are FDA approved. Even then be sure to read the supporting research provided by the various manufacturers and consult with your veterinarian.

The issue of 'quality'

There are nearly half a million herbs known to us today. Many are well known for their medicinal properties. The strength of these herbs, however, varies greatly. Some herbs are very powerful and some are very gentle. When it comes to treating health problems in pets, a small dose of gentle herbs might not be effective at times and a large dose of powerful herbs could be poisonous. So, it is very, very important to take the right herbs at the right proportions. This is why it becomes so important to choose the right natural pet remedies.

Choosing the right natural remedies

A lot of natural remedies available today are not of high quality. Most of them are not manufactured in a GMP certified facility. They are not approved by the FDA as well. They do not contain the right combination of herbs. So, you should avoid such products and choose only high quality products. There are three things you should look for in a good natural pet remedy. One - it should be approved by the FDA. Two - it should be manufactured in a GMP certified, pharmaceutical graded facility. Three - look for well known ingredients such as milk thistle, mistletoe, and cat's claw.

The right dosage

This is an important issue when it comes to natural pet remedies. Some pet owners believe that they can make their pets healthy very quickly by giving large doses of such natural remedies. It is not true at all. It is very important to give the right dose to get the right results. So, you need to first determine the appropriate dosage for your pet depending on its size, age, and health condition. You can consult your vet and ask him to suggest the right dose for your pet.

Directions to use

Most of these natural remedies come in the form of capsules. So, you can give one or two capsules a day based on your vet's recommendation. Alternatively, you can break these capsules, mix it with food, and give it to your pet. The most important thing you should remember is that a natural pet remedy is usually meant for long-term use. So, to get the best results, you should make it a part of your pet's regular diet.